Facial Collection

Facial Collection

Facial Skincare
Choose from our regular products or our new ‘naked’ zero waste range and save £’s and the environment! Our Naked range is exactly the same as the regular range but with minimal packaging and labeling, hence less waste.
What we believe to be the ultimate cleansing solutions – we have put together three amazing cleansing products made with natural and organic surfactants and ingredients only from vegetable origins to cleanse the skin ridding you of dirt and grime. Our cleansers not only clean your skin, they replace the bad bacteria with friendly bacteria on the skin too. They do not strip your skin of the natural acid mantle – the protective layer, they leave your skin feeling silky soft, smooth and revived without removing your natural oils.

We believe our Alcohol Free Tonic for all skin types is the only skin tonic you will ever need. The lack of alcohol means it will not dry the skin, instead it will nourish and protect. The skin is slightly acidic and water is slightly alkaline, therefore, after cleansing we need to rebalance the acid mantle. Not only does our Acohol Free Tonic rebalance the skins PH, it renew the skins cells and helps to remove any remaining dirt and cleansing products. This in turn opens the pores and leaves the skin much cleaner, ready for nourishment from moisturisers and intense serums. The active ingredient of Jambu Plant remodels, restructures and firms the skins surface.

With extensive research and years of studying we have designed the ultimate moisturisers from intense blends to lighter lotions for night time and day time use. Blended with the finest natural, organic ingredients and Hyaluronic acid – natures super humectant, not only to moisturise and nourish your skin but with active ingredients for specific skin types and problems. Made with pure plant materials to hydrate, protect, replenish and actually feed the skin, regulate sebum production and renew the skins surface and essential Aromatherapy oils with mood enhancing properties and tantalising scents.

Opulent treatments for optimum intense nourishment, when skin needs a quick ‘pick-me-up’ and as a complementary treatment to the basic skincare regime of ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise.’ Blended with pure plant extracts and active ingredients to regenerate, restore, nurture and rejuvenate the skin.

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